About Us

Bangalore-based Kapsi Electrical Power Products Private Limited, manufacturer of speciality winding wires, has the ideal combination of technical expertise, hands-on experience, shop floor skill sets, and marketing savvy to position itself as the preferred choice of speciality winding wires sector.

The company’s influential have a combined experience of more than four decades in this industry spanning the entire gamut of the practices and trade. The promoters’ exposure and experience is laterally linked with the growth and evolution of the speciality winding wires sector, which has helped them to be on the top of the learning curve.

Having observed close and upfront, the emerging developments in the winding wires sector as they unfolded, Kapsi’s top management bring with them rich and original insights in the manufacture of speciality winding wires for a diverse range of applications in the OEMs and service industry. Kapsi believes that this will significantly help it to innovate in accordance with the changing trends, initially, and set benchmarks in manufacturing processes, practices product design and quality.