KEPP has the infrastructure and systems in place to create standard and customized wire to meet the most scrupulously demanding specifications. The best of manufacturing practices, and the most sophisticated technologies come together in the fully state-of-art manufacturing facility to deliver products quality, with shortest delivery period.

KEPP vision is to be the preferred choice of OEMs for speciality winding wires and for customized solutions targeted to improve the performance of the products. For almost two entire generations, the promoters have had experience in developing and manufacturing custom wires to meet the needs of motor and generator manufacturing companies across the globe.

KEPP state-of-art infrastructure facility, spread over 4 acres, is presently fully equipped for a work space area up to 70,000 sq ft, with provision to double the working capacity. The plant has been commissioned with PLC-controlled high speed machines capable of maintaining close tolerances, and a sophisticated modern lab with latest cutting edge facilities attuned to match national and international specifications.