The scholarly Jeffrey Pfeffer of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business has said that experience is the only valid teacher. By this yardstick, KEPP’s Chief Influential, Mr. K I Kapsi, Chairman, is miles ahead of the rest.

Mr. Kapsi’s links with the winding wires sector span more than four decades, and more importantly, he was an integral part of the industry during its sunshine period of innovations, i.e. when a host of new insulating materials, insulated copper conductors came to light. As the former MD of leading winding wire manufacturer company in India, he oversaw the company’s growth which reached dizzying heights for over 26 years under his tenure and set new benchmarks in the winding wire industry. Accolades poured in for his visionary leadership, viz. the Best Entrepreneur of Karnataka Award; SBI award for Quality systems; Import substitute products for Indian railways; Export Promotion council award for Export; and Best Vendor awards.

The other core members of the top management at KEPP are Mr. Ishwar K. Kapsi, Managing Director, and Joint Managing Directors, viz. Mr. Ranganath K. Kapsi, and Mr. ShriShail K. Kapsi. They too served a leading winding wire manufacturer company in India, with distinction, bringing in layers of expertise in individual areas of excellence.

Mr. Ishwar K. Kapsi, with his insider insights, has experience in winding wires and insulation systems manufacturing process. Mr. Ishwar Kapsi is responsible for spearheading the sales team on the technical front. Right from conceiving the core sales strategy, developing the right sales pitch, to sales presentation, converting prospects to real sales, and closing the deal, and optimizing the product to meet the exact requirements of the customer, Mr. Ishwar Kapsi oversees the entire process, in tandem with Mr. Ranganath K. Kapsi. With his vast understanding of the latest manufacturing practices, Mr. Ishwar Kapsi is ideally placed to mentor the company’s implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices, and his in-house knowledge and expertise of product and process lends the company an intellectual template that is the envy of the industry’s lead players.

Mr. Ranganath K Kapsi is a live wire in sales, and his knowledge and acumen in customizing products to the customer’s specifications, and in-time delivery is legion. Mr. Ranganath Kapsi has painstakingly developed the core competency of the company’s sales teams, with the help of his original insights divined from hands-on experience in the field. The company has been successful in maximizing its performance, primarily due to the passion and energy of Mr. Ranganath Kapsi. Not intimidated by his “hot” seat, Mr. Ranganath Kapsi has fostered a tradition of taking on daily challenges in the company, across hierarchies.

Mr. Shrishail K. Kapsi, adds oodles of value on the quality control side, with his impeccable credentials as an ISO-certified Auditor. Mr. Shrishail Kapsi’s experience in handling international quality audits for product qualification is key to the company’s ambitions to introduce Industry’s Next Practices in Production Processes and Quality Assurance. Mr. Shrishail is a strong votary of delivering quality “whatever it takes” and his mission is to drive the company toward his own definition of quality viz. ‘Quality is not something you put into a product or service, but what you get out of’. Additionally, Mr. Shrishail Kapsi’s well honed domain skills in production field will be extremely useful in helping the company to optimize its production management, with the latest cutting edge practices.