The company has well thought out, cogent and comprehensive Quality Assurance systems and practices in place, and is ISO-compliant. In keeping with the future needs of the market, KEPP’s product processes will be tuned to raise the bar for excellence, and more often than not, exceed even international specifications. Looking ahead, KEPP’s vision for quality is to scale up towards the more stringent and demanding OSHAS and ISO 14000 standards. The company also prides itself in taking every step to ensure the safety and health of its human resources, its most precious asset.

Eventually, KEPP believes that its stature and strength in the industry will be defined by the verifiable and undisputed quality of its speciality winding wires. The dedication to delivering the highest quality that meets the most stringent requirements of the customer, in the shop-floor, is non-negotiable. With a view to institutionalize this approach towards continuous quality, the company has adopted steps for product process, right from the incubation stage to the end product, through the manufacturing chain.